Tuxtla Gutierrez: What To Do And Where To Go?

Tuxtla Gutierrez is known to be the most important and populated state of Chiapas of Mexico.  The commercial city of Tuxtla Gutierrez shares a rich and colorful history with the visitors. On visiting this city, I found the architecture to be maintained constantly and it highlights the cultural relevance. There are awe-inspiring documents and the classic museum’s attractions of the tourists, around the globe. Take a quick look at the tourist attractions of the city.

  • Spend some time at Plaza Civica

In case the travelers are interested in the history of the city, a visit to Plaza Civica is a must. You will find many governments building in the city square. I also came across a beautiful cathedral called the Saint Mark’s Cathedral. It is this piece of architecture that made my visit worth it. It is a popular and important landmark. Also, its neo-classic structure adds to its glory.

  • Visit Canon Del Sumidero National Park

The Sumidero National Park is worth visiting. There are a variety of endangered species like Ocelots, river crocodile, etc. No doubt, it is one of the most striking features of the park. The deep and narrow provides a picturesque view. I really couldn’t afford to miss this place during my trip. It appears like Grand Canyon of Arizona in the United States. The view offered is simply unmatchable.

  • Check out Miguel Alvarez Del Toro Zoo

Miguel Alvarez Del Toro Zoo had been discovered in 1942. It is a popular zoo of Tuxtla. It has been renamed after Miguel Alvarez Del Toro. There is an endemic fauna. Previously, it was located in the western part of the city but recently it shifted to El Zapotal in 1981. No doubt, this is the best place to check out some of the endangered animals. You will find a nocturnal house, museum of crocodile, library, media room, and a cafe.

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