Trancoso: Enjoy the Different Attractions of the Little Town

Trancoso is a little town. This place simply stole my heart. It had been discovered by the Europeans and since then it has turned out to be a hotspot for all types of travelers. There many attractions for tourists. In case you are planning to visit Trancoso any time soon then you should check out the things given below.

Visit a Church

The church serves as the emblem of Trancoso. The white exterior and ancient architecture will capture your heart. This church had been built centuries ago by Pedro Alvares Cabral, the Portuguese explorer. I spend some quiet time here. This came as a respite from the daily hustle bustle of the city.

Check out the Green Village

The most charming aspect of the town is Cuadrado. It is actually a rectangular green area that is filled with ancient trees. This place is inhabited by the fishermen. The brightly colored houses are a sight to behold. I noticed that every house has been built in a similar size. This gives the village a unique touch. You should not miss out on this beautiful village area. I made my way to the beach through the town.

Spend Some Time at the Beach

The town is set between two primary beaches Praia dos Coqueiros and Praira dos Nativos. To reach the beaches, I hiked through the mangroves over the wooden walk away. This offered a great view and I clicked many pictures along the way. When the tides recede, you will see local people playing football on the beach. You can lie down and sunbathe. This is just the perfect place to relax. You will also find horses galloping on these beaches. It offers a great view during the hours of sunset.

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