Moncton: Spend Exciting Summer Vacation With Your Family

Moncton’s cultural scene and natural beauty took away my heart. It should definitely be on your vacation list if you plan to visit Canada. I found some incredibly beautiful places to check out. Here are some of the exciting places to check out that goes beyond your expectation.

  • Magnetic Hill Zoo

Take your family to the Magnetic Hill Zoo. This place provides protection to animals. It is also raising awareness among people regarding animal habitats and population. The zoo houses over 400 species from across the world. I had too much here with my family.

  • Gravity Hill

Visit Gravity Hill also known as the Magnetic Hill. This is another spectacular place to check out. You are going to be mesmerized by the natural beauty of the area. I had an amazing experience here. I felt my cargo uphill without any kind of effort. Even if you leave the car in neutral, it is going to climb uphill.

  • Magic Fountain

Up for some fun? Spend your whole day at a water-themed park, Magic Mountain. I loved the ride, The Crazy Tornado. It is a tube slide that is 400 foot high. If you want, you can simply relax along the Lazy River or you can float in a tube on the water. This rube resembles the 19th-century steamship.

  • Marché Moncton Market

This is situated at the heart of the downtown area. I tried out various kinds of food here like cupcakes, falafel, and fresh juice. In case you are planning to have a barbecue, get all the required items from this market. Want to get some souvenirs for your loved ones? Buy some unique crafts sold by the local craftsmen.

  • Magnetic Hill Winery

Go to wine tasting at Magnetic Hill Winery. It overlooks Moncton and also the Magnetic Hill. I tasted the best wine made from the stringently selected rhubarb, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, and other fruits.

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