Haifa – The Nurturing City

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Haifa, being Israel’s third largest city is famous for the vibrant greenery that is spread across the whole city, in every large or smaller are. Being in a country like Israel, the city has maintained its culture as a Jewish city and continues to do so with much confidence. As soon as you enter the city you can see immensely long palm trees and lush green bushes all around the city, the air you breathe here is maybe the freshest air I breathed into in a very long time. Being Israel’s best city, when it comes to cleanliness, the city always smells pleasant with hushed cool breezes, known for its arts culture, the city hosts over a hundred artists in itself.

Baha’i Shrines and Gardens

The most favorable tourist attractions around town are these shrines and gardens, and no matter how many adventures you can find in this town to explore, if you want to find some solemn then you have to visit these gardens. I have never seen something so beautiful throughout my traveling times. It is spread across over 250 acres of land and is used as the most common picnic spots by the locals around the town. The park has the humongous flower landscapes all around it, with multicolored wildflowers and the shrine also hosts a terrace from which you could look the whole garden in it’s the most incredible state.

Elijah’s Cave

Now coming to explore the adventures side of this city, this is the place you should definitely move to. The locals of the city have many famous stories when it comes to the existence of these caves. They believe that after Elijah killed all the priests of her times, she came here and hid herself, and in that process, she couldn’t get out of the cave and eventually she died being trapped here. But you should head here, they are very mysterious.

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