5 Reasons why You should Visit Gimhae

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Gimhae International Airport is very popular as you have to come here to go to Busan. But, Gimhae also has a lot to offer for the tourists as it is a historic city where you get to see historic buildings, ancient temples, peaks and mountains, theme parks, and a wide variety of restaurants. It has everything that a tourist likes. 

Things to See 


  • Lotte Water Park


This is the largest water-park that is close to Gimhae. It offers a wide range of activities for the entire family. The locals visit this park to cool down. It has plenty of water attractions like the kid’s pool, 17 huge football fields, wave pools, spa, and various water rides and slides. 


  • Tomb of King Suro


This royal tomb lies just at the center of Gimhae. It is easily accessible for tourists. I was impressed with the way the place was decorated and the history of the place is well preserved. This is a must-visit for everyone who likes to know about Oriental history, arts and culture. The external buildings of the tomb carry many details of ancient history.  


  • Yeonji Park


If you are in Gimhae on a honeymoon trip, then you should visit Yeonji Park. Here, you will come across a lot of young dating couples. It is filled with greenery and water. The still lakes, the wooden bridges, and the huge trees, as well as the fountains, add beauty to the place. 


  • Wine Cave


This is a very popular raspberry wine cave. Gimhae is known for its sweet fruits. This cave is located in the Nakdonggang River Rail Park. Here, you also get to enjoy a ride on the rail bike and also stop at a café for some snacks. Get a closer look at the river by visiting the observatory.   


  • Gimhae National Museum


This museum is located at Gujbong Peak’s foot. It has artifacts and detailed information about the prehistoric period of the region as well as the Gaya kingdom.

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